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Just simple male interest. Hot nude girls fucking. I only say you might have trouble soloing the hardmode ones cause they're level Why are you always so negative?

I wonder if I spent money on it? You have to register before you can add comments. Jesus Christ, what's all the hate towards people who like clothes in the game? What's wrong with just taking some reasonably nice-looking outfits and adding some sci-fi twists to them? I've had to solo alot of things cause Im on ship 10 and cautious about the jp players.

Yeah, most of the PSP2 ports are really fanservicey, but they came from another game. This is getting to be akin to the debate of 'homophobic males hate gay guys, but will watch lesbian porn. Scarlet blade nude pics. The other two are the Voloyal Set and the Luna Prophecy. I started subconsciously hearing every line I read delivered in a cockney accent.

All the outfits are. Some games can get box sales by stirring interest with "controversial" themes, but I fail to see how that is a viable business strategy for a f2p MMO.

Just about every outfit has that one thing that makes you go "ugh, why? Top games Top games. At least you're not playing Scarlet Blade. Suck fuck tits. Porn is easier, simpler, better and freely available.

But i'm down with it. I've seen porn movies with better writing than this. The Ranks set turns your caseal into quite a tank, there's also cosmetic magazine clips dangling off in front. Its simply playable hentai. Are we going to regress to the SNES era of censorship in the US where beer becomes soda and cigarettes become nothings that are flicked?

I assume this means the exposed nipples are still in also. One of many 2ch threads devoted to panty shots http: Seriously, no male characters and the girls and outfits just looked weird as fuck. Maybe the ratio isn't quite that bad, but it's really skewed. Nothing that makes the hype of this game so big, would ever be even considered in the western world.

Got them from a quest or you could buy them for real money Upgrade version. I still wear Tiger Pierce even. I'm glad its shutting down. Lesbian seduction free videos. I agree some outfits are on the perverted side, but isn't PSO2 as a whole?

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I like the Defender though, Just look at those curves They really cheaped out on us there. When I see screenshots of PSO2, I see a typical asian produced free to play online game with the normal abundance of frills, cat ears, and bathing suits.

That's just how the cookie crumbles in this particular instance. Big tits booty porn. There was no respectable reason for me being here. Emotion Photo Video Submitting. To give a good feedback if the game is awesome. The problem occurs when only women are shown nude and displayed in a weak manner. And unlike the first two, it really doesn't interest me. Good gameplay is always a plus but that doesn't change the aesthetics of it.

I don't know why, but whoever designs the mainline outfits at SEGA has this bizarre hard-on for extraneous doohickeys that ruin what would otherwise be some really classy outfits. Scarlet blade nude pics. OP, it has a lot to do with the direction the franchise has been heading in since PSU.

When I see clones of these poor fools running around in dumb outfits it just makes it that much more satisfying to obliterate the meatbags. Naked sex dance video. I'm not even joking with the starting armor. I cannot find any parts I like except the sleek and slender look. Also I got to lol that the whole synopsis of the game is pretty much humanity is making a last stand or something about the remaining humans are fighting back.

I always thought that was such a silly reason. This is getting to be akin to the debate of 'homophobic males hate gay guys, but will watch lesbian porn. I haven't seen any quite this blatant since the one where your character's armor falls off as you take damage. Nipples aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

Give me the directions to a certain singer's house and I'll drive a fleet of tanks capacha. Naked black girls with big tits. If the gameplay is good more power too them. It is remind me the old days when we first saw the advertisement for the shitty game "Daikatana" It's like some cast night club! Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly. It's not just the over the top "sexiness" that bothers me, it's them always ruining otherwise decent designs by adding one extremely stupid thing to an outfit.

Male version of Neighbor quartz pls. Tonester d ago I love real boobs Agree 3 Disagree 0.

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You're comparing PSO2 to softcore porn What I kinda dislike is the fact they add more than they should on costumes that would look much more nicer being simple.

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This does require you having a solid understand of why there is nothing inherently sexist about this sort of content, which you may or may not have.

Or should that be Aeria Games doesnt give a crap. Tommy gunn nude pics. No, I'm not kidding. Legally, in the US, it is not forbidden to have naked in-game loli's.

I'll agree with Maronji. Hot girl gets fucked in a car This of course mirrors the earlier. Seriously, if anyone actually gets their knickers in a knot over a game this bad that's just there to pander to sexually repressed teenage boys, they might be taking life way too seriously.

Blake Morse Created On: Just about every outfit has that one thing that makes you go "ugh, why? Posted on 31 August This time though, it occurs in an adult-ish MMO, Scarlet blade.

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